Car Strut Assembly

You can count on a car with a serious suspension problem to give you tons and tons of headache. The excessive bouncing and jerking, swerving and nosediving whenever you step on the brakes will surely make you dizzy day after day. To correct this problem, you must replace your busted, old Strut Assembly as soon as you can. As you know, the assembly is an essential part of your suspension system. Driving your car will be absolutely uncomfortable and dangerous if you keep those busted struts in your vehicle.

The Front Strut Assembly keeps your vehicle running smoothly by absorbing forces caused by road irregularities. Don't be surprised if your struts are in pretty bad shape as they do wear out even in normal driving conditions. Since struts constantly dampen various levels of impact, expect yours to wear out more quickly if you regularly drive your vehicle along very uneven off-road trails. Corrosion also sets in faster if you drive along roads that are heavily salted. Aside from the front assembly, it's best to change your rear struts assembly, as well, as they're likely suffering from the same degree of deterioration.

Don't worry though once you confirm that your struts are shot. You can always install a heavy-duty aftermarket Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly to restore your car's crisp control and balance. The great thing about aftermarket strut assemblies is that they're virtually the same as OE assemblies in terms of reliability and fit, but they cost much less. The typical aftermarket assembly with shocks may contain other necessary pieces of hardware such as bushings, shock boots, pistons, DOM tubings and piston rods for complete and correct installation.

Remember to consult your vehicle's manual before going ahead with the replacement job. You will have to remove several components of your car first, so prepare tools such as a lug wrench, hammer, ratchet, punch, sockets and jack stands. Never forget to support your car with jack stands as a mechanical or hydraulic floor jack can fail, which can be absolutely disastrous. Finally, make it a point to take your car to an auto shop to have its alignment checked after the installation of the new Strut Assembly. If your car is misaligned, its handling will be poor even after you've replaced the struts.

Before you can fix your messed up suspension system, you must first find struts that perfectly match your vehicle's specs. Here at Parts Train, we've gathered the finest strut assemblies in the industry to give you a wide range of high quality options. Take a look at our catalog to see how low our prices are. Driving should be a source of pleasure, not of pain and discomfort. Start planning how you're going to replace your busted old Strut Assembly now.