Car Step Bumpers

Installing a Step Bumper to your pickup or SUV is a step in the right direction in terms of increasing the functionality of your vehicle. Take note that the part is different from a regular bumper, which is mainly added to protect the vehicle and the driver in case of collision. In contrast, the step-type bumper is specially designed to help the driver easily and safely access the vehicle's rear end. It's extremely useful when loading and unloading cargo as it's typically wider and flatter than the regular bumper and can hold hundreds of pounds. But that's not its only benefit.

If you love going on weekend camping trips or off-road adventures, installing a Rear Step Bumper on your vehicle will make your recreation so much more fun and safer. How? Many rear step bumpers can be used in place of hitches to pull trailers. This makes it possible for you to bring more of your camping equipment, bikes, skis, even ATVs to your desired destination. Just make sure the bumper is at the appropriate height; otherwise, you may not be able to fully secure the trailer to the bumper.

Of course, it may also be the case that you already have a Car Step Bumper but it just gave way for some reason. As you may know, the typical bumper directly bolts on to the vehicle's underchassis or body. So if you almost injured yourself when yours collapsed, one likely cause is corrosion, which could've eaten away at the bolts without you knowing. In any case, you must replace the bumper as soon as possible. A new one will not only make your vehicle a lot safer; it'll also enhance its appearance since many step bumpers are handsomely crafted from premium materials and covered in striking finishes, like classic chrome.

So what should you look for in a new Step Bumper? First, check its load capacity and make sure it's enough to hold your weight when you're loading cargo to the back of the vehicle. If you're planning to use it to hitch a trailer, compute if it can support the total weight of the trailer's usual cargo and whether it can be adjusted to the proper height or not. Pay attention to the design, which should meld very well with the overall style of your ride. Never go for something that isn't equipped with a non-slip surface as that would defeat the purpose of installing this safety accessory. Finally, look for special features such as retracting capability, so you can easily push it out of sight anytime you want.

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