When we're kids we used to pretend that we are driving a car by acting like we're holding a steering wheel. During those early days, we already had at least some knowledge of how the steering wheel works-that when you turn the steering wheels the wheels of the car also turns. This may be simple in the minds of a child but when we get older we knew that there is more than turning the wheels that the steering wheel does, there is still a lot of interesting things that happens between the steering wheel and the tire.

The car steering system is composed of a rack-and pinion and re-circulating ball steering. All cars has a steering system, the Toyota, one of Japan's top producing car companies is just one of them. One of the most important parts of the Toyota steering system is the Toyota steering rack. The Toyota steering rack encloses both the rack and the pinion. The Toyota steering rack is connected to the steering wheel of your car through a set of shafts and U-joints. The steering wheel moves the pinion, which in turn moves the rack either to the left or to the right. Connected to your Toyota steering rack are the front wheels of the car so the steering rack input also turns them either to the left or to right.

The rack and the pinion which comprises the steering rack are joined together by a tie rod. Pinion gear is attached to the steering shaft. The Toyota steering rack performs two very important tasks: Firstly, it converts the rotational motion conducted in the steering wheel to linear motion needed to make the wheels turn. Secondly, it provides reduction of the gear, allowing it to turn the wheels easily.

Indeed, the Toyota steering rack is a very important component of the car. Without it, turning the wheels of your Toyota would have been hard if not totally impossible. The advantages that one would derive from this kind of steering set-up are already academic. However, if you disregard or take for granted your Toyota steering rack, it might get damaged and will make driving impossible. Hence, it is imperative to have routine check for maintenance to detect and prevent possible damages. However, there will come a time when your Toyota steering rack will deteriorate due to inevitable causes.

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