Japanese cars are well known for their dependability and reliability. They have gained this reputation by consistently coming up with cars that are tough and excellent while maintaining its simple elegance. One of the Japanese car companies that manifest this Japanese commitment to excellence and elegance is the Subaru. The Subaru is the automotive division of the Fuji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. It is only a small company as compared to its other competitors. However, its size is no deterrent to its success. In fact, it is one of the most profitable car companies for many years already. It is famous for the creation of conventional-bodied cars with full-time AWD.

The excellence and elegance of every Subaru car is made possible by its equally elegant and excellent auto parts. These parts require care and maintenance at the highest level to ensure its optimum performance. It is imperative as well as necessary as a minor or small defect or damage on some parts of the Subaru could affect its over-all performance, hence the need for proper care and maintenance.

One of the most important parts of the Subaru is its steering rack. In reality, the Subaru steering rack has another auto part enclosed with it in one unit and that is the pinion. The Subaru steering rack is connected to your steering wheel via a set of shafts and U-joints. When you turn the Subaru steering wheel, you also turn the pinion at the same time. This causes to push the steering rack either to the left or to the right. The Subaru steering rack input turns the ends of the steering rack to the left or to the right also since these ends are connected to the front wheels of your Subaru.

A faulty or defective Subaru steering rack would also mean that there are some leaks on it. A leaky Subaru steering rack should be replaced immediately with a new or remanufactured or replacement unit with all new seals and gaskets. If an auto repair shop or a mechanic would tell you that you need a new Subaru steering rack but you do not experience any loss of power steering fluid, it would be better if you can get a second opinion. This is because most symptoms of a bad Subaru steering rack which includes wobbling, play in the wheel, and wandering are not usually caused by a bad Subaru steering rack unless they are attended by significant leakage.

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