Just hearing the name Porsche gives you that grand sporty floating imagination of what the usual styles of a drag race car the Porsche is known for because of some movies that had used its model. In reality, Porsche is really one of the most famous car makers in the automotive industry, and had always proven the name by manufacturing quality, awesome look and powerful model line up.

Just thinking about the racing quality of these Porsche brand autos makes you realize the possible maneuverability of these cars. Amazed at the handling quality of these automotives, do you really know how a car steering mechanism works? For some, they'd stop from knowing the movement of the wheels all depends on the way you rotate the steering wheel. Well, what do you know? It's not just that. Underneath it are quite a few more parts that contribute to the driving ability of your precious Porsche.

Besides the steering wheel and the wheels, in between it are parts like the pinion, steering rack and tie rods. Each one of these part is important in the whole steering mechanism. One part damaged, or malfunction, results to the entire failure of the steering system. First off, let's describe the parts then we'll discuss the purpose. The steering wheel and the wheels are obvious. The pinion is actually a gear that has teeth all around it. Your Porsche steering rack is a metal bar that has one side flat with teeth as well that is cut perpendicular from the metal bar. The tie rods are steels that are connected on both ends of the steering rack. These are the ones that connect the rack to the wheels for the movement.

The process is very simple. From the direction that you've instructed or moved your steering wheel, this movement is passed on to the pinion gear. The pinion gear's teeth mesh with the Porsche steering rack's teeth moving it left or right. The Porsche steering rack then pulls or pushes the tie rods which then makes the movement of your automotive, and voila! Your car turns to wherever you want it to go. All of the steering parts are prone to rusting and wear, so it is natural for it to need replacement eventually.

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