Pontiac is one of the well known automotive car makers and models in the industry. Being a product of General Motors, this is not such big news because GM as well, is known to provide only top of the line works and stuffs. Usually, in a manner of description, cars are a magnificent invention that involves maneuvering feats. The ability to drive it around making transportation an ease to do is really something that's becoming a necessity in our generation today.

But have you ever wondered how the car's steering works? Probably as a child all you could understand about this is the idea that when you turn the steering wheel to the left, the wheels turn to that direction as well, and it works in the same manner when turning to the right. But when one of the parts in the steering mechanism fails, that's when everything else or might I say, the truth is revealed. Yes, it is a steering mechanism, a system that is composed of parts that works in synchronization with each other, that when one fails, the whole steering system is useless.

The steering mechanism system includes parts such as the pinion, rack, the steering wheel of course, tie-rods, and the wheels is also connected to the entire process. The instruction that you give to the steering wheel when you move it goes straight to the pinion. The pinion is a round gear that has teeth around it. These teeth mesh are within the racks. The rack, or more commonly known as your Pontiac's steering rack, is a bar with one flat side that also has teeth on it that is cut perpendicular to the bar. When the pinion meshes with the steering rack, it moves it from left to right, and vice versa. At both ends of your Pontiac steering rack tie rods are connected, which also connects to the wheels. When the steering rack goes left or right, it pulls or pushes the tie rods which then make the car wheels move to the direction that you desire.

These parts mentioned above are all prone to rusting and wear. In short, because they are all exposed to corrosive elements, and through a length of use, they naturally wear off and break down. But, its life span will always depend on how you take care of it. The Pontiac steering rack is one of the most often damaged parts of the steering mechanism. For this, it is a must that you replace it at once when needed.

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