The steering system performs as the command center of your car; the rotation of the tires largely depends on this assembly so you should equip it with dependable parts in order to obtain a faster steering motion and to prevent yourself from giving a lot of struggle in rotating the steering wheel. The rack and pinion assembly is essential in allowing correct wheel motion and helps you gain better handling of the car direction; your Ford Focus steering rack is a pointed steel shaft that is connected to a circular pinion and to the steering wheel itself, so the component is pretty quick to find once it needs to be changed.

The steering rack maintains the consistent movement of your vehicle's wheels by transforming the spinning action you exert when turning the steering wheel into a linear one; this motion is then transmitted to the tires in order to conveniently rotate your whole vehicle into the path you desire to head to. A poor Ford Focus steering rack may generate strange noises, like clicks and thumps, and may even cause the vehicle to wander; in the event of failure, reliable online automotive shop Parts Train features reasonably priced and premium quality replacements for you to pick from, such as products from famous brands including Corteco, Ingalls Engineering, and Mopar Performance.