The steering system functions as the control center of the car; the revolution of your wheels largely depends on this assembly so you should equip it with dependable pieces to be able to gain a swifter steering operation and to restrict yourself from exerting too much effort in rotating the steering wheel. The rack-and-pinion assembly is crucial in maintaining proper wheel action and helps you get better handling of your vehicle path; the Dodge W350 steering rack is an elongated metal shaft that is connected to a rounded pinion and upon the steering wheel itself, so the part is quite quick to find if it ought to be changed.

The job of the steering rack is pretty basic, but it's critical to the entire performance of your automobile; this component transforms the rotational action you exert on your steering wheel into the needed linear motion to maneuver the wheels toward your desired path. A poor Dodge W350 steering rack might produce unusual sounds, including dings and thuds, and could also cause your automobile to wander; in the event of failure, reliable online automotive store Parts Train has reasonably priced and high quality replacements for one to select from, including equipment from famous brands including First Equipment, Ingalls Engineering, and Moog.