Has the power steering in your Omni or Caravan been decidedly less powerful than usual lately? It could be the power steering pump or hoses, or it could be your Dodge steering rack. When a Dodge steering rack begins to fail, it generally will develop flat spots at certain points as you turn the steering wheel. Since the Dodge steering rack is under the most stress at low speeds, such as during parking maneuvers, these are the times when your Dodge steering rack is most likely to exhibit flat spots. What do we mean? When you're cranking the wheel, you'll have periods where the steering feels normal followed by periods where the wheel becomes extremely hard to turn. The valve that controls boost in your Dodge steering rack is not applying consistent pressure, causing the problem. Many times leaks in the Dodge steering rack will precede any loss of assist. That's why it's important to check your power steering fluid often and if you find an unexplained loss, be sure to check for drips and oil near the Dodge steering rack. Sometimes you'll find a loose fitting, while other times you'll find power steering fluid leaking from the seals around the Dodge steering rack. In the latter situation, a new or remanufactured Dodge steering rack is going to be in order. Fortunately we carry a complete selection of Dodge steering rack assemblies for most applications with rack and pinion steering. Our Dodge steering rack prices are consistently lower than those of our competition (and significantly lower than the prices at a dealership). Also, if your car doesn't have a Dodge steering rack but does have an older recirculating ball gearbox, we have those too. Whether your car uses a Dodge steering rack or a Dodge steering gearbox, we can supply all your replacement parts needs.