The last thing most Sebring or 300M drivers want to find out is that they need a new Chrysler steering rack. The Crater Lake-sized puddle of power steering fluid under your car each morning might have tipped you off that your Chrysler steering rack was failing. Or perhaps that time you had to use both hands just to change lanes was the first indication that you may have a Chrysler steering rack problem. What happened and what could you have done differently? Not much-the Chrysler steering rack is a hydraulically-powered rack and pinion steering gear, and as the miles pile up, the seals wear down. The result is that high-pressure power steering fluid leaks from the various parts of your Chrysler steering rack reducing the pressure available in the rack to steer your car. In industry terms, you lose your steering assist when you drive with a bad Chrysler steering rack. In customer terms, 'heavy steering' and 'hard steering' are common phrases associated with a bad Chrysler steering rack. Once you're sure that it's your Chrysler steering rack that's causing the problem, and not a bad pump or hose, finding a new Chrysler steering rack at a reasonable price is the next step. That's where we can help. We can supply you with an OE spec new or remanufactured Chrysler steering rack at a price far below what the dealership will charge. If you've been suffering from a failing Chrysler steering rack for a long time now, you'll be amazed at the difference in feel your car will have when you install a new Chrysler steering rack. The wheels will be light yet firm and the handling balance will be like new. More importantly, your car will be far safer with a replacement Chrysler steering rack, and that's the most important benefit of all.