Whenever we move the steering wheel of your Buick, it also allows the wheel of your car to turn. It was just a matter of cause and effect relation between the two entities of your car but if you are going to have a closer look on the inner parts of your car, you'll find out that things are not as easy as it can be seen on the outside. Your Buick car has a rack and pinion gear that is installed to your car. This part combines the steering gear along with the tie rod or the so called steering linkage into a team. Whenever the driver moves the steering wheel of the car, it creates a force that multiplies the fluid pressure of the engine.

The Buick steering rack is mounted at the bottom of the steering column along with the knuckles and spindles of your car. With this, it automatically converts the circular motion of the steering into a straight motion, thus making your car to travel on a straight part after taking a curve. Every move that your Buick steering rack creates came from the power assist that was being created. Due to this power assist created, your steering rack is suddenly transformed into a hydraulic ram performing to contain hundred of psi worth of hydraulic fluid. With the innovative design that Buick cars have, it needs a steering rack that will surely match its high standard in terms of car performance.

In order for your car to maintain this kind of performance, it requires your steering rack to have a constant check up or replacement when necessary. Check for any signs of steering rack failure. Whenever you hear a groaning sound that can be usually noticed whenever you turn the steering wheel of your car aside from the leaks, your steering rack might be at risk. There are two reasons for this to happen, the air in the system that leaks through the rock and the bad seal that are made in the control tower casting. These two main reasons make your car to fail its normal function.

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