If you've ever had to manhandle the steering wheel on your A4 or A8 just to turn a corner, you've discovered what it's like when your Audi steering rack loses power assist. It's driveable, but not fun. While the problem can sometimes be traced back to a faulty power steering pump, most often it's your Audi steering rack that has failed. Inside the Audi steering rack, a complex maze of plumbing, chambers, valves, and seals guides high-pressure fluid to the appropriate places in order to provide you with light, accurate steering. If any of these Audi steering rack elements fails to do its job, you end up with too much assist, jerky steering, or no assist at all. Sometimes, changing the power steering fluid can free up a problematic Audi steering rack, but the Audi steering rack usually needs to be replaced in these situations. The situation is similar with a leaking Audi steering rack: replacing the seals is a complex proposition, making a remanufactured or new Audi steering rack a more attractive alternative. What about 'mechanic in a bottle' seal-up products? Give them a try. Just don't expect much, since Audi steering rack seals are usually in pretty bad shape before you start seeing fluid. On the bright side, the Audi steering rack is generally quite accessible from beneath the vehicle, so you should be able to replace your Audi steering rack yourself. As always, budget plenty of time for the Audi steering rack replacement, and make sure you have a comprehensive Audi service manual at your side to aid you in the process.