Car Steering Racks

Your arms are all over the wheel, turning it with so much effort but the vehicle doesn't respond as quickly as it should. If this is exactly the case with your car, something's probably wrong with your Steering Rack, especially if you haven't replaced it ever since you got the vehicle. Age has probably caught up with it and years of wear and tear have rendered it quite useless. The only thing you can do with such a rack is replace it with a new one before it messes up your steering even further.

As you know, the rack is part of the rack and pinion system in many automobiles. Working with other components, its basic function is to convert rotational motion from the steering wheel into linear motion required by the wheels to turn to the direction the driver desires. The pinion engages the rack's teeth and the rack correspondingly moves as the driver maneuvers the steering wheel. Aside from the conversion to linear motion, this system also reduces gear, making it easy to turn the wheels. The concept is basically the same with a Power Steering Rack, though hydraulic pressure is used to make it a whole lot easier for the driver to steer the car.

A bad rack is quite evident as it would have a variety of noticeable symptoms. For instance, you'll feel that the steering wheel is quite loose when the rack's worn out or damaged. It may not return to its original position once you've made a turn. You may also observe that the vehicle wanders to one side when you're running along a straight road and that it's harder to steer in the morning. Expect nothing less than a terrible day on the highway as you'll also likely hear clunking and thudding noises while leaking from the front end. Finally, if you've been observing uneven tire wear for weeks or months, your busted Car Steering Rack is most probably the culprit for that, too.

You have many options when it comes to replacing your old rack. But if you want to save a lot of money on the replacement job without compromising results, it's wiser to go for aftermarket or remanufactured racks. These assemblies are rigorously built to meet OE specifications and are tested for flawless performance. Installing one in your vehicle should do for the rest of its service life. Many of these assemblies also include all-new lip seals and O-rings to prevent leaks. Once a new Steering Rack is installed, you'll be blown away by how easy it is to control your ride.

You can now fix your steering as soon as possible by looking for a heavy-duty replacement rack here at Parts Train. With our high-quality but budget-friendly racks, you can get back on the road, trail or track very soon. Driving doesn't have to be draining and steering shouldn't be straining. Go ahead and open up your schedule now for the Steering Rack replacement job.