Though it has an engine, your car will not run if not for its starting system. It is a significant system in any vehicle which is typically made up of an electric starter motor and a starter solenoid. But how does the starting system works? As you turn the ignition key, the starter motor will spin the engine a few revolutions to begin the combustion process. But to spin a cold engine, a powerful and efficient motor is required. So to fully achieve it tasks, your vehicle's starter must prevail over these factors: internal frictions brought by the piston rings, compression pressure of the cylinders that happens to be in the compression stroke, the energy required to open and close valves with the camshaft and any other stuff that are directly connected to the engine. These components include the water pump, alternator, oil pump and many others.

Since the engine, especially the cold ones necessitate a lot of energy, there must be hundreds of amps of electricity flowing into the starter motor. And it is for this reason that starter solenoid is employed. Basically, the starter solenoid is a large electronic switch that manages this big amount of current. The moment you turn the ignition key, the solenoid will be activated to power the motor. But if you attempt to start your Volkswagen, and you notice that the engine turns so slowly, or it does not turn at all, then maybe its time for you to replace your Volkswagen starter or starter solenoid.

But before you decide to look for Volkswagen starter replacement, conduct first a few troubleshooting techniques to be really sure that the starter has a problem. Inspect the battery cables and terminals and seek for corrosion. If there is, clean the corrosion and change the cables or batteries if there is a need for it. Next, check the wires to the Volkswagen starter to see if there are cracks, corrosion or breakage. And be sure that your battery has been charged enough to do starting job.

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