If you are having series of engine starting problems lately, perhaps you need to check on your car's electric starter or simply called as the starter. To check whether your starter still works or should be replaced already, take note of these common symptoms: when you turn the key to the start position, either you hear a loud click sound, or you hear nothing; another is when your headlight is in the bright mode and cannot be dimmed yet all other electrical components are in perfect working condition when the key is turned to the start position. The said indications can also be caused by a bad starter neutral or key switch, but are usually attributed to bad starter or starter solenoid.

A starter like the Toyota starter is a part of a car or specifically of the electrical system that is responsible for initiating the very first process of the electrical operation by leading other auto systems onto their functions. A starter is an electric motor component that is being powered by the battery that turns the crankshaft before the pistons starts to operate. Starters are designed to convert electricity into mechanical energy under two instances.

This is how starters work: when the ignition switch is turned on, an amount of battery power is being released to create a magnetic field that pulls the solenoid plunger forward, forcing the attached shift yoke to move the starter drive, and lets pinion gear interlock with the engine's crankshaft flywheel. The plunger then strikes a contact creating a strong current from the battery to the starter motor which then spins the drive and turns the meshed gears to provide power to the crankshaft that prepares each cylinder for ignition.

When the starter is not in use drive unit is retracted so that its pinion is disengaged from the flywheel and as soon as the starter is activated, the forward movement of the solenoid plunger causes the shift yoke to move the drive in the opposite direction and engage the pinion and flywheel. The pinion is locked to its shaft by a clutch and begins turning the pinion faster than its normal speed and by allowing the pinion to spin freely for a moment, and the clutch protects the motor from damage until the drive is retracted. You see, starters are very simple car part yet works complicated.