Automobiles are not definitely an exemption to wear and tear. Like other machines, vehicles, due to constant and regular use, also come to a point of gradual deterioration. Each of the systems and components comprising an automobile are prone to being damaged. The electric starter or simply starter for example is among the common components that are vulnerable to wearing and tearing off. Some signs of a defective starter include the hearing of a loud clicking sound or hearing nothing when you switch the key to the "start" position; failure of the headlight to be switched to dim mode while in bright beam and all other electrical components seems to be working properly.

To further understand car starters, let us first define what it is. A starter like the Suzuki starter is an electric motor component that is being power-driven by the battery that rotates the crankshaft before the pistons begins to work. They are primarily designed to transform electricity into mechanical energy in two ways. In addition, starters form part of the electrical system and accountable for initiating the foremost process of electrical operation, causing other auto systems to function as well.

Starters begins to operate when the ignition switch is turned on and a volume of battery power is being produced to create a magnetic field that will haul the solenoid plunger forward, compelling the connected shift yoke to trigger the starter drive. After which, the pinion gear is allowed to interlock with the crankshaft of the flywheel, and the plunger then makes a contact with the crankshaft flywheel of the engine to create a strong current from the battery to the starter motor. Finally the current produced will spin the drive and turn the meshed gears to give power to the crankshaft and get each cylinder ready for ignition.

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