Saab starter refers to the electric motor device that has a vital function in starting the engine. Upon turning the ignition key, the starter motor engages the ring gear on the flywheel of the engine, otherwise known as torque converter. This starts the crankshaft to turn. Simultaneously, the sparkplugs are ignited to begin the combustion of fuel. In order to start combustion, the crankshaft must be spinning to allow the pistons to move in synchrony with the sparkplug ignition. As the crankshaft spins, the exhaust valves and intake valves work in perfect timing with the pistons. Early generation cars do not have motor starters; instead, a crank lever located in front of the automobile must be manually turned to start the engine. This mechanism turns the crankshaft of the engine so that piston motion can begin. In modern automobiles, however, the process of ignition is fully automated. The former crankshaft lever is now replaced by the starter motor. The starter motor does not need to be spinning in the whole duration of engine combustion. The starter motor simply has to nudge the crankshaft into motion to start combustion. The rest of the work is done by the engine itself.

Motor starters, like the Saab starter, are operated by electrical current from the automobile batteries. By turning the ignition key, you are actually switching on the starter motor. The current that flows into the motor may fist be amplified several times by the ignition coil. The starter motor is a direct current motor which operate by electromagnetic induction. A permanent magnet is typically part of the motor. The permanent magnet surrounds a coil of wire. The coil of wire acts as rotor. This wire coil is connected to the power source by a set of brushes. As electric current runs through the coil, a magnetic field is induced.

Such magnetic field is opposite to the magnetic field of the permanent magnet. A series of repulsive-attractive field fluctuation sets the motion of the wire coil rotor. Simultaneously, high voltage current from the ignition coil is sent to the sparkplugs. The ignition coil is actually a sort of transformer that converts the low voltage current from the batteries into high-voltage current. However, high voltage current is not directly sent to the sparkplugs. The current must first be channeled by the distributor. The distributor assures the perfect timing of the sparkplugs.

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