Pontiac has always described their vehicles as sporty, aggressive and youthful and everybody who has seen or who owns a Pontiac vehicle seems to agree. Pontiac vehicles are indeed good looking - housed in a rigid body with sleek lines and elegant curves. The youthful characteristics of Pontiac vehicles, however, can better be witnessed once they start running. And what vehicle component is needed for a Pontiac vehicle to start running? The Pontiac Starter!

The starter is the vehicle component that causes the engine's crankshaft to spin a few revolutions so that the engine can begin with its combustion process. A typical engine starter unit is composed of two basic parts: the starter motor and the starter solenoid. The starter motor is the small electrical motor that actually causes the crankshaft to turn. The starter solenoid, on the other hand, is a large electronic switch attached on top of the starter motor that connects the motor's terminals to the battery when activated. Together, these two components are responsible for starting a cold engine and running the vehicle from a complete halt.

With a very specific and simple-sounding function, not many of us give importance to the role of the starter in the vehicle. Starting a cold engine, however, is not as easy as you might expect it to be. For one, the starter has to overcome a lot of forces just to turn the crankshaft. Among these forces are: the internal friction caused by the piston rings; the compression pressure on the cylinders; the energy needed to open and close valves with the camshaft; and the energy to start all other components directly connected to the engine like the water pump, the oil pump, the alternator and other components.

Your Pontiac is definitely equipped with a high quality, high performance and long lasting Pontiac starter, for if it is not, then how can you witness your vehicle's youthful performance. Like every other electrical or mechanical component in your car, however, the starter is also prone to a lot of damages and they may wear out in time. If nothing happens when you turn the ignition key to its "Start" position, or if you just hear a click or the starter cranks slowly, then there probably is a problem in the starter motor or in the starter solenoid. Such problems would usually call for a whole starter unit replacement because you can hardly find a starter motor or starter solenoid sold by itself.

So if the starter motor of your Pontiac is no longer functioning properly, better replace it at once and rejuvenate the performance of your Pontiac. Here at Parts Train, we maintain a complete and updated online catalog of Pontiac parts where you can find starter specifications for your particular Pontiac vehicle. Just visit our website any time you need a replacement Pontiac starter and we're sure that you'll find no difficulty looking for it.