The internal combustion engine is believed to be the one responsible for the acceleration of the development of the automobile. This belief stems from the fact that this particular mechanism is the reason why automobiles are able to run. The power that the internal combustion possesses is limited, though. This is because this type of engine would be able to power itself only if it is set in motion by an external force.

In the past, the solution to this problem came in the form of the hand cranks that were employed by the archetypes that spearheaded this technology. These hand cranks, however, became absolute burdens especially when the engines themselves started to evolve. This dilemma led to the invention of the very first electric automobile self starter. This mechanism underwent continuous evolution until it became the automotive technology called starter as people know it today.

The starting system found in vehicles is considered as the heart of their electrical system. The starting system involves the use of the battery which equips vehicles. As the key is inserted into the ignition switch and then turned to the start position, a small amount of current passes through the neutral safety switch to the starter relay or starter solenoid. This is the medium that allows high current to flow through the battery cables to the starter motor.

After ignition, the starter motor then cranks the engine. This is so that the piston, moving downward, can create a suction that will draw a fuel and air mixture into the cylinder. It is in this cylinder where a spark created by the ignition system will ignite this mixture. If the compression in the engine is high enough and all this happens at the right time, the engine will start.

It is the starter which is responsible for the entire process involved in the starting system of vehicles. And for vehicles that bear the Nissan name, the Nissan starter is the one responsible for the entire process as well. Nissan vehicles are able to generate the splendid performance expected from them because of this hardworking device. Its existence as part of Nissan automobiles gives these vehicles the ability to always be on the go.

The starter is a powerful electric device, and the question of whether a vehicle will be activated or not depends on it fully. With the Nissan starter, Nissan owners have the absolute assurance that they would be able to bring their vehicles to life with just one turn of a key.