One of the integral components that played a crucial role in the overall operation of your ride is the starter. This is part of the vehicle's electronic system which is powered by the battery and bound to start the very first process of its operation. It can be compared to a switch that allows the other performance system to follow. As soon as you turn on the ignition and the engine initiates to heat up, then the starter is making it work.

The starter converts electricity to mechanical energy into two stages. However, the said device cannot perform its job excellently without the help of other components. In order for the starter to efficiently do its function, it has accompanying components such as motor controller, contactors, and overload relay. The motor controller component makes the circuit supply power to the whole of the motor. The one that serves as the medium in completing the circuit is the contractors. Meanwhile, the overload relay component protects the motor from overheating.

In your Mercury vehicle, your Mercury starter has to deliver loads of torque for cranking engines in all conditions. However, performing the said task is quite difficult especially when the engine is cold. This is because large volume of power is highly needed. Aside from that, during hot weather, Mercury starter heat soak can lock an unreliable starter up. More than that, your Mercury starter must also overcome all the internal friction caused by the piston rings, the compression pressure in the different engine cylinders, the energy needed in opening and closing the valves as well as the power required to start all the other components included in your Mercury engine. It only means that no matter how durable your Mercury starter is, time will come that it will become incapable in performing its function due to normal wear and tear. So the best solution for that is to replace your malfunctioning Mercury starter with a new one.

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