Luxuriousness—this seems to be the primary reason why most people would want to have a Mercedes Benz. With a feature-filled interior and a very stylish exterior, there's no reason why one would not be attracted to a Mercedes Benz. But here's one question: Would you still love your Mercedes if it simply won't start running? Maybe not. That's why it is important to take care of the various mechanical and electrical parts of your Benz as you would do for its interior and exterior parts. And one Mercedes Benz component that you should take proper care of is the Mercedes Benz starter.

The starter is a small electric motor that causes the engine crankshaft to start turning, thus causing the engine to start with its combustion process and the vehicle to start running. All starter units are composed of two basic parts: the starter motor and the starter solenoid. The starter solenoid is basically a large electronic switch that gets activated when the vehicle's ignition key is turned to its "Start" position. Once activated, the starter solenoid would then connect the starter motor to the battery to energize it and, at the same time, pushes the starter gear forward to engage it with the engine's flywheel. Once the flywheel starts moving, the crankshaft would also begin to turn, thus activating the vehicle's engine.

Connecting the battery to the starter motor and starting the engine may seem like a very basic and simple function. In reality, however, it is not. Starting a cold engine requires the starter motor to overcome large amounts of opposing forces, among them are (1) the internal friction caused by the piston rings, (2) the compression pressure of the cylinders, (3) the energy needed to open and close valves with the camshaft, and (4) the energy to run all other components directly attached to the engine. And since the starter motor needs hundreds of amperes to produce all the power it needs, the starter solenoid is specially designed to handle such large amount of current.

Now, a vehicle component like the Mercedes Benz starter must be kept in tiptop condition so that it would function well for the vehicle. And how would you know if the starter is not functioning properly? If after you turn the ignition key to its "Start" position and nothing happens, or you just hear a click, or the starter cranks very slowly, then the vehicle's starter motor or the starter solenoid have a problem. And whenever any one of these starter components gets damaged, it would be better if they be replaced as a single unit.

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