Uncompromising quality, outstanding value and exciting driving and automotive performance; these are the main things that introduces a Mazda as one great automaker. Since it has started producing vehicles in 1970, it has created thousands of vehicles in different platforms, models and designs; vehicle models that cater for different market segments like small cars, mid-size cars and trucks. Mazda is being credited for the introduction of those legendary vehicles such as the RX-7 and the MX-5 Miata. But they never stops there, they are continuing to make their company and their models evolve and improve; not that they don't have outstanding vehicles but they want to continuously provide their markets with the exact specifications they need and prefer.

Mazda is now also being credited and known as the only remaining automaker that manufactures the Wankel "rotary" engine automobiles. Mazda is also the only automaker to produce Miller cycle engine. It has indeed introduced innovations not just in their vehicle models but in their self-created engines as well. So it won't be hard to believe that all their vehicle models carry durable and innovative engine and engine components. Aside from that, their innovations have been proven with all the parts and features their vehicles have. Among these are starters that are especially designed and created for Mazda vehicles.

A starter is an important vehicle component; it is essential in the whole vehicle assembly especially in the performance as it's the one of those parts that is responsible for bringing the vehicle in motion. A starter works by converting the electricity to mechanical energy; it works in two stages. When you turn on the ignition switch, it releases a small amount of power from the battery to the solenoid above the starter; this creates a magnetic field that pulls the solenoid plunger forward. This then forces the attached shift yoke to move the starter drive so that its pinion gear meshes with the engine's crankshaft flywheel; a series of other process involving the plunger and solenoid follows. After the vehicle's engine was started, its ignition key is released to break the starting circuit.

It is important to always take care of auto contraptions such as this, as what has been mentioned above, they are the key in making a vehicle run. So in case you did some damage to your Mazda vehicle's starter, be sure to replace it right away. Find replacements that offer precise OEM and aftermarket standards if you can't find factory original one. At Parts Train, your replacement problems will be over with just few clicks, you'll be provided with a wide array of Mazda starters for whatever year and model of Mazda you have.