Your vehicle would not start if not with a starter. Starters are powered by a battery and it functions to initiate the starting process of your vehicle's operation. This important vehicle component is likened to a switch that starts an operation once the start button is activated. It then turns the crankshaft even before the piston would start to operate. Another critical function of starters is to convert electricity into mechanical energy. When the ignition starts to operate, a fraction of power from the battery is released and goes directly to the solenoid plunger which is located above the starter.

The production of the magnetic field will cause the pulling force that result to the creation of solenoid forward. This would then prompt the attached shift yoke to move the starter drive while the pinion drive is in the process of engaging with the crankshaft flywheel of the engine. As soon as the travel is completed by the plunger, it strikes a contact and allows greater amount of current flow from the battery going to the starter. The motor spins the drive and turns on the meshed gears in order to create sufficient power to the crankshaft. The necessary power would then permit the cylinders to prepare for the ignition.

As soon as the engine is activated, the engine is released to break the starting circuit. When this point is reached, the magnetic field of the solenoids will disintegrate and the spring will pull the plunger back which will cause the automatic shut down of the starter motor as well as disengage the starter drive. The movement of the solenoid plunger would let the shift yoke move the drive located in its position and engage the pinion and flywheel. The pinion would then lock to the shaft by the clutch that unlocks the moment the engine starts up and the flywheel starts to turn faster than its original speed.

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