Over all smooth operation and excellent performance is what you want to get from your vehicle. But, in order to do that you need to get to know your car. There are so many components in your vehicle that all work together to give you that smooth operation that makes the ride so comfortable as well as components that starts the whole thing running and continues to function until your engine is at rest again. One of these many components is the Jeep Liberty Starter which makes use of generated magnetic field in order to deliver a swift ignition. Often called the automobile self-starter, or simply the starter, it is an electrical motor that initiates piston motion in a vehicle's internal combustion engine before it can power itself.

The starter carries out the processes involved in starting up your Jeep Liberty. The key is inserted into the ignition switch and is turned to the start position. This will cause a small amount of current flow through the neutral safety switch and into the starter relay or starter solenoid. To allow the piston to create a suction drawing in the air and fuel mixture into the cylinder the starter cranks the engine.

Once the engine starts, a key-operated switch is activated. The spring in the solenoid assembly pulls away the pinion gear from the ring gear and causes the Jeep Liberty Starter motor to stop. It is the driveshaft which allows the pinion to transmit drive in only one direction. It is also where the starter's pinion is clutched thru a one-way freewheel clutch. This way, drive is conveyed through the pinion to the flywheel ring gear only if the pinion is disengaged. In case the driver failed to release the key as soon as the engine starts, the pinion then remains engaged and will spin separately of its driveshaft.

Nowadays, the concept that is now being revived in hybrid vehicles is the dual function of the starter as generators once the engine is running. Because it is an important component, it makes you realize the need for its proper care and maintenance. Regular inspection is very much needed. When you need a replacement for your Jeep Liberty Starter, check the online catalog at Parts Train. We have a complete inventory of all auto parts needs for different vehicles makes and models. Product ordering is safe and secure and all you have to do is place your order using the online order form or you can call our toll-free hotline number to talk with a sales person.