Enjoying the smooth, efficient and dependable service of your Infiniti I35 vehicle necessitates that it is able to run effectively when need. Composed of high grade and top quality components, the I35 features the best in engineering and cutting edge technology. When driving through any road condition, you can surely depend on the I35 to give you only the best power and performance. You need to ensure though that all its parts are properly maintained. Even the simplest and smallest parts have to be inspected, repaired and replaced when necessary. One of the simplest parts important in your car's performance is found in the ignition system — that is the starter.

When you turn the ignition key, what you are actually turning on is the starter. The ignition switch completes an electrical circuit that leads to a small component called a starter solenoid. It gets its power from the vehicle's battery and causes the actual starter to run. Your Infiniti I35 starter is actually a small but powerful electric motor that is composed of a special gear assembly at the end of its shaft. This special gear engages perfectly with a large gear mounted in front of the engine called the flywheel. As the starter gear turns the flywheel, the engine valves and pistons begins to move in sequence. Simultaneously, the ignition switch also allows electricity from the alternator and battery to reach the spark plugs.

As soon as the entire fuel system is activated, vaporized gas enters the chambers above the valves and the spark plugs ignite the fuel in an order controlled by the vehicle's distributor. This whole process takes only a few seconds unless something goes wrong between the ignition switch and the engine. As your Infiniti I35 starter can only keep its proper cranking speed for a few seconds at a time, you may unintentionally wear out the starter by holding the key down for too long. When your starter is not working properly, the engine will have great difficulty in starting or will not start at all. Starter problems are often due to electrical or mechanical failure or outright breakage.

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