The starter is one of the vehicle parts we rarely give much attention to until it stops functioning. Automotive starters have to be capable enough in order to give lots of torque for cranking the engine in any driving condition. The starter is made up of an electric motor or a starter motor that features a small gear or pinion mounted to the end. When motorized, the said gear engages with the ring gear of the flywheel or torque converter. Then, the starter motor spins the engine over in order for the piston to draw in fuel/air mixture which is significantly ignited to start the engine. In cold weather conditions, the drained battery and oil viscosity all take their charge in the starter motor.

Most of the automotive starters these days also feature a gear reduction to add the torque output of the starter. The starter drive employs an overrunning clutch that significantly freewheels in case the engine starts to spin faster than the starter and to spin while the starter is still engaged. This way, the possibility of damage to the ring gear and the starter drive will be reduced. The starter is typically situated to the rear of the engine or in front of the transmission housing.

To achieve utmost performance from your Geo starter, inspect your Geo's battery cables at every oil change. Make sure that the cables are tight and corrosion-free. Loose or corroded connection can lead to slow cranking, arcing of the cable connections and other problems in the electrical system. You can clean the battery case and the terminal with a mixture of water and baking soda. To make them more resistant to corrosion, felt rings that are chemically treated can be mounted over the system's battery posts. Before the travel season every spring, it is advisable to have your vehicle's starter tested. Make this test a part of a complete starting, charging and battery test since it will verify if your Geo starter system is drawing its usual quantity of current. Too much current draw indicates a worn starter and causes difficult starting.

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