In the automotive world, power has always been associated with size. Large trucks, vans and SUVs are always seen as more powerful than smaller vehicles like sedans, coupes, hatchbacks and minivans. The same thing is true with the engines. Large V6s, V8s and V10s are often admired for their performance more than the smaller I4 and I6 engines. There is one vehicle component, though, that broke this association—the starter. It may be one of the smallest electromechanical components that a vehicle is equipped with, but it gives off a power that you would never expect for its size.

The starter is the small electrical motor used to spin the engine a few revolutions for the combustion process to begin and for your vehicle to start moving. Quite a simple function, right? This function, however, needs a lot more power than it actually appears like. Starting a cold engine requires a very large amount of power as the starter motor must overcome a lot of forces, including the internal friction on the piston rings and the compression pressure of the cylinders. The starter motor must also overcome the energy needed to open and close valves with the cam shaft and the energy to move every other thing attached to the engine, including the water pump, oil pump, alternator and others. Imagine all these opposing forces to be defeated by a small electric motor. It must really be very powerful!

But where will a 12-volt motor get all the power needed to start a cold engine? A starter unit is made up not only of the starter motor but also the starter solenoid. For the starter motor to produce a very large amount of power, it needs hundred of amperes of electricity to flow on it. This is the reason why not a simple switch but a starter solenoid is used on a starter motor. The starter solenoid is basically a large electronic switch that can handle the large amount of current needed by the starter motor.

So, are you still not impressed with the power of the small Chevrolet starter in your favorite Chevy vehicle? Of course you would be! Sadly, we never really think about the starter motor until it starts malfunctioning. We may not even see its importance until the vehicle fails to start moving after we turn the ignition key.

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