Can you imagine yourself turning the crankshaft of your Buick's engine manually with a hand crank so that it would start moving? You can't, right? Maybe you don't even know what a hand crank is. And you'll probably find it foolish for any person to start his vehicle by hand. In the past, however, this is how people would set their vehicles in motion. But thanks to Cadillac engineers for inventing the electronic automobile starter! Today, you won't even have to think of how hard it is to start your Buick's engine because you've got the Buick starter in its system.

The Buick starter is a small electric motor that causes the engine crankshaft to turn a few revolutions once the ignition key is turned to its start position. Incidentally, this few revolutions is already enough to start the Buick engine working and your Buick running. Quite a simple function, right? But for those who have experienced starting a vehicle using a hand crank, the electric automobile starter is a very big relief.

The starter unit of your Buick is composed mainly of two parts: the starter motor and the starter solenoid. The starter motor is the actual motor that turns the crankshaft a few revolutions at engine start up. For the simple function of starting the engine, the starter motor actually needs a very large amount of energy. This energy will be used to overcome (1) the internal friction caused by the piston rings, (2) the compression pressure in the cylinders, (3) the energy needed to open and close valves, and (4) the energy needed to power other things directly attached to the engine.

The starter motor definitely needs a power source for it to be able to generate a very large amount of energy. That power source happened to be the battery. And to handle the flow of hundred of amps of electricity from the battery to the starter motor, there is the starter solenoid. The starter solenoid is basically a large switch that has the capacity to handle large amounts of current. Once the ignition switch is turned to its start position, the starter solenoid instantly engages the starter motor to the battery terminals, thus allowing the motor to generate energy.

Because of the Buick starter, we no longer need to undergo the hardships of manually starting a vehicle's engine, just as people in the past would. Well that's a lot to be thankful of, really. And that makes taking good care of our Buick starter motor and Buick starter solenoid all the more important. Should one or both gets damaged, you'll be more thankful if you bookmarked this site—Parts Train—because you'll find the widest collection of Buick starters on no other place but here.