The heart of the electrical system in your Audi vehicle is the "starting system." It is usually made up of an electrical starter motor and a starter solenoid. This two components work this way: As you turn the ignition key, the starter motor spins the engine a few revolutions to significantly start the combustion process. If your engine is cold, it requires a powerful motor to spin. To efficiently do its job, your Audi starter motor has to overcome all of the internal friction from the piston rings, the energy required to open and close the valves with the vehicle's camshaft, the compression pressure from any cylinder located in the compression stroke and any other things that are directly mounted to the engine such as the oil pump, the water pump, the alternator and others.

Since a car uses 12-volt electrical system and requires too much energy, there should be hundreds of amps of electricity that must flow into your starter motor. This is where the importance of starter solenoid comes in. It is basically a large electronic switch that can hold much current. As you turn the ignition key, it starts the solenoid to power the starter motor.

If you start your vehicle and you found out that the engine turns too slowly or not at all, your starter might be defective or damaged. But before you decide to replace your starter, why don't you try some troubleshooting techniques first to be certain that the starter really has a problem? First, check the battery cables and terminals and see if there's corrosion. If there is, clean the corrosion and replace the battery or cables if necessary. Check also the wires connected to the starter and the solenoid and see if there are cracks, breakage or corrosion. Then, be certain that the battery is charged enough to carry out starting functions.

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