Car Starters

The golden rule is that you shouldn't have to turn the car key twice. If you're doing just that, then expect the number of turns to progressively increase as there's probably something wrong with your Starter. Factory starters fail over time due to a number of factors, most significant of which is age. So if yours is starting to stumble, you better take a closer look at your OE part. You just can't risk it completely giving way in the middle of the highway and let the tow truck haul your vehicle away.

As you know, the Starter Motor is basically responsible for supplying the force that starts your vehicle's engine. Every time you turn the key, the solenoid typically located on top of the motor receives high-voltage current from your vehicle's battery in the engine bay. The drive pinion of the motor then gets pushed onto the engine's flywheel gear, cranking the engine. The process is simple but there are various reasons why it may get disrupted or completely stop.

One possible reason why your Car Starter is acting up is that carbon deposits are accumulating on the motor's wires. Motors operate by generating electricity from a rotating wire-covered shaft. Carbon contacts at each end of the shaft wear out over time however, resulting in carbon getting deposited on the wires. Another possible reason for malfunction is that the bearings securing the shaft wear out, causing the motor's shaft to get dislodged and rub against the magnet. Finally, when the solenoid fails, two things may likely happen: one, the mechanical clutch can't engage or disengage the motor from the flywheel or, two, it engages the flywheel and gets stuck.

Regardless of the actual cause of your Starter problem, you'll be in a lot of trouble if you don't fix it quickly. For instance, if the solenoid gets stuck, the motor could receive massive torque loads from the flywheel, which would likely result in heavy damage. It's over for your motor if this happens and you'd have to shell out a lot of cash to replace the entire part. Repeatedly cranking the engine when it refuses to start also quickly depletes the battery. So if you don't want to lose more money, you have to replace the busted part as soon as possible. There's an endless array of heavy-duty aftermarket starters today, and these are strictly manufactured according to OE specs, so their quality is top-notch but they're very affordable.

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