Spoilers are among the coolest things that add a flare even to the dullest of cars. That could be the reason why many of the cars on the road today are outfitted with spoilers. Yes, even Saturn cars. Saturn is a renowned car manufacturer inspired by the idea of putting people first especially in their automotive business. It became a successful producer of small-size vehicle that are distinct and truly top performing. Saturn cars deserve to be pampered, and outfitting them with accessories such as Saturn spoilers exhibits a true labor of love.

In automotive technology, a spoiler is a device mounted to a vehicle to decrease lift and drag or boost downforce, the amount of force pushing the tires of the car to the road surface. Spoilers are usually intended for vehicle restyling because they have slight or almost negative aerodynamic impact. But more than just a decorative touch, spoilers do provide vehicle stability especially on high speed.

However, spoilers remain to be just an ornament for some cars. It is because a car has to be speeding more than 100 mph to take advantage of the spoiler's aerodynamic. There are actually different kinds car spoilers which you can mount to your Saturn. The front spoiler or the air dam is situated under the front bumper and is used to direct air to the radiator or to a transmission or engine oil cooler while the rear spoiler is installed on the vehicle's trunklid to provide an aggressive styling as well as more stability when running at high speeds.

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