Wondering why you should include a spoiler on a smooth Mitsubishi Lancer? Aside from making the automobile towards a sporty-looking ride, the Mitsubishi Lancer spoiler performs a huge role in smoothing out the gush of the wind that resists the forward motion of any moving automobile. Attaching it on will minimize, or even get rid of, aero drag , which disturbs the acceleration of your automobile.

The spoiler is purposesly mounted on the back of the vehicle to smooth out aero drag. Today, it could even be mounted on the front-side of your Mitsubishi Lancer; this kind is called air dam. This part is commonly used to repel wind turbulence that flows underneath the automobile. On utility vehicles, any spoiler could be secured on top of the rear windshield to repel rain water in addition to its original function. On top of the real purposes of a spoiler, it's trusted to increase sporty-look of your car.

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