Do you want to accessorize your GMC car and give it a sleeker and sportier look? Consider adding a car spoiler and you'll surely attain the new look and image that you want your car to have. In race cars, spoilers are the device installed to redirect air flow around the vehicle. But for street cars, like GMC, spoilers are accessories that give a sportier and fresher look. There are actually different kinds of spoilers such as front spoiler, rear window spoilers and rear spoiler. For pick-ups, cab spoilers, tailgate spoilers, truck cap spoilers and tonneau cover spoilers are also available.

A rear spoiler is a small wing that is usually installed on the trunklid of your car. There are rear spoilers that can be mounted just above the windshield of any vehicle while some are designed to fit a pickups tailgate, truck cap or tonneau cover. Rear spoilers are originally created to improve a race car's aerodynamic. However, on most street cars, they are more of a restyling accessory.

On the other hand, a front spoiler or air dam is a device placed under a vehicle's front bumper, redirecting airflow. It is commonly used to transmit air to the radiator or to a transmission or engine oil cooler. Some minivans also have a spoiler that's upside down and angled. This kind of spoiler is aimed to deflect the rain off the rear window.

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