Eagle is a trademark for well-crafted automobile that complements your passion for high performance application and speed. To get the edge in quick acceleration, the increasing popularity of spoilers in street driving is explained by the aerodynamic benefits it offers. In achieving excellent balance even with unprecedented disruption of air flow or wind while driving, its practical application enables you to navigate safely even under the harshest weather conditions.

Eagle spoiler is a vehicle attachment that functions in disrupting the flow of unfavorable air movement that may cause unpredictable handling while you are driving. The necessity for the part is due to the need for improved vehicle stability for better road command. The product is usually associated with high performance race cars for aerodynamic benefits while achieving quick acceleration and reduced drag and lift. With durable construction and appealing designs, the product simply looks great on your vehicle.

The product ensures long lasting and reliable operations with its durable and high grade construction. Engineered to withstand years of service, it makes a cost effective device that aids vehicle stability while on and off road driving even under extreme weather conditions. Available in vehicle specific designs, it complements your exterior styling with customized attachments that fits snuggly on your vehicle's rear. Mini-Scorpion and Lynx Wing series are few of the designs available for specific year, model and make of vehicle. Product installation is easy and simple with only the basic hardware and mounting tools needed.

Eagle spoiler is manufactured within high standards for product specification that matches OE quality for durability and performance. The dimension for the product depends on the vehicle fitment and designs to cater to your vehicle's specific applications. Incorporating LED light in the construction of the spoiler depend on the design which functions as an auxiliary automotive light system. The product is pre-primed and ready for painting to match the paintjob of your exterior styling.

The product's functional and aesthetic features make a practical add-on or part replacement. With appealing and attractive designs available for Eagle spoiler, it makes a cost effective piece that customizes the look of your vehicle. It creates a high performance sports car impression to your vehicle's presence that exudes intimidation among other enthusiast. Installed at your vehicle' rear side, it functions in disrupting the air flow going over your car that reduces the amount of lift that is naturally generated by the shape of your vehicle' body. This results to increased tire and road surface contact that achieves stability for increased traction while turning, braking, or accelerating.

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