Car Spoilers

Sleek, sexy, sporty-nothing gives you such splendid aura as easily as a superb Spoiler. The accessory is mostly seen as a cosmetic addition to vehicles today but its original purpose is to enhance the performance of a vehicle by improving its airflow, traction and speed. It comes in various styles and is typically affixed to the rear edge of the trunk. The accessory may also be called a "wing," although wings usually refer to larger aerodynamic accessories that are raised on pedestals.

For racecars, the Car Spoiler can spell the difference between a spectacular machine on the racetrack or a rolling ball of wreckage on the sidelines. The right one with a properly adjusted deck could ratchet up a racecar's handling at higher speeds while reducing drag. Experts agree though that the accessory wouldn't have a significant effect on regular vehicles as they can't go fast enough to benefit from the improved airflow and traction. In fact, some say that a car needs to top 100mph to feel the aerodynamic advantages of a wing.

Despite the seeming irrelevance of a wing to a regular vehicle, it's still valued by many motorists because of its striking appeal. Installing the right wing could instantly make an ordinary car look like a high-performance ride regardless of its actual model or engine. Because of its surefire sleek look, cars are not the only vehicles that use wings today. SUVs, minivans and pickups also use a variety of wings. For instance, a minivan can have this accessory for the purpose of deflecting rainwater off the rear window. Many drivers opt for a Universal Car Spoiler, which fits many models though it needs to be repainted to match the color of the vehicle.

While the first thing that a driver usually considers when installing a wing is how it alters the overall look of his vehicle, the weight of the accessory should also be an equally important consideration. Spoilers are made of different durable materials, such as polyurethane, fiber glass and light-weight steel, so they have different weights. It's best to read reviews of your prospective wing and how it may affect a vehicle's overall performance before going ahead with the installation. Finally, make sure that it doesn't clash against your vehicle's overall style but looks like a natural extension.

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