It may perhaps appear like an uncomplicated auto component, but the splash guard has an exceptionally important role to maintain the high-level efficiency of your Nissan Xterra on the street. To prevent damage due to flood, filth, small stones and other rubbish, your Nissan Xterra splash shield is a protective cover that repels whatever may strike your car parts.

The motor and front panel covers are just two of the several kinds of splash shields/guards for Nissan Xterra that can be bought in the market at present. Made of durable rubberized or synthetic material that are sold in a variety of shades and designs, the Nissan Xterra splash shield gives you the option to improve the look of your vehicle. A splash shield maintains the cleanness of your car components for a boosted performance and it also gives your automobile that custom-made look; making your car, truck, or SUV the finest it can be inside and outside.

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