Car Splash Shields

It's fairly common to never care about the Splash Shield until you hit a speed bump and see it fall off. Some factory shields are so flimsy that they can easily get dislodged and end up getting dragged along the road. If you just ruined your factory shield, you must replace it immediately 'cause this component is much more important than you think. The term is actually a misnomer since the shield is not only designed to protect the parts underneath from splashes; it also plays a significant role in the proper performance of your vehicle.

The Engine Splash Shield can take many forms but its primary purpose is to protect the engine, alternator, drive belts and other parts of your car from rainwater or snow slush. Wheels are known to kick up a good deal of water and debris and these could easily reach the engine compartment without protection underneath. Some drivers make the mistake of not bothering to replace their shields, which results in the accelerated corrosion and deterioration of vital components. The fact is, these shields are very important and you must thoroughly clean yours right after you drive along muddy or flooded roads or off-road trails.

Aside from shielding your vital components against harmful materials from the ground, the Car Splash Shield also contributes to proper airflow in your vehicle. Many newer vehicles draw air from the bottom to cool the engine, so you're basically ruining your car's performance if you drive without a shield in excellent condition. In fact, many owner's and service manuals for various vehicles specifically remind drivers not to drive without the shield.

Don't worry though if you just messed up any of your car's shields, such as the Fender Splash Shield. There's an endless array of heavy-duty aftermarket shields to choose from today. These shields are crafted from highly durable materials, such as tough plastic or rubber, so they'll likely last the rest of your vehicle's service life. They're also specially designed to be flexible enough to resist and redirect slipstream air, making them perfect for the most extreme conditions both on the road and off-road. Finally, they're manufactured according to OE specifications, so expect nothing less than perfect fit when you install one in your vehicle.

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