Want to find out the reason why it's unsafe to drive over icy streets? The four tires of your Volkswagen Jetta slide in cases where there's no traction force, which reduces the power of its braking system. The ABS is actually a tried and tested remedy that keeps the tires from cascading. Apart from giving your rig enhanced stopping power, the ABS also allows you more control while cruising onto a wet pavement. But if you want to Volkswagen Jetta sure that the anti-lock braking system can always operate well, it demands crucial information provided by an electronic device identified as the Volkswagen Jetta speed sensor.

Much like the way a tachometer operates, the Volkswagen Jetta speed sensor calculates the velocity of your automobile's tires and then transmitting some crucial information towards the system. The convenient ABS keeps the tire from locking up. Braking or slowing down your Volkswagen Jetta is simple and easy by using an efficient ABS. You can actually eliminate expensive vehicle modifications by employing an automotive component that's made to OEM settings. Installing a direct substitute won't present backyard mechanics like you any hassle; in reality, if you have sufficient knowledge performing this maintenance, you may get the task completed with virtually no assistance at all.

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