Need to know exactly why it's unsafe to drive over icy roads? Absence of traction prevents your Saab 's braking components from doing their task. The anti-lock braking system is a tried and tested remedy that prevents the tires from sliding. Driving on a moist track won't turn into a problem if your vehicle has improved braking power and handling-something you could have by utilizing the ABS. While the Saab speed sensor operates, rest assured that the ABS won't fail to keep you protected while driving.

Similar to how a tachometer operates, the Saab speed sensor measures the speed of your automobile's auto tires before transmitting some crucial data towards the system. The ABS keeps the auto tires from locking up. Because of the support of the ABS, your Saab could carry out the right tweaks while the wheels rotate at high-speed. You can actually get rid of pricey vehicle alterations by employing an aftermarket component that's made to OEM requirements. With regards to mounting an OE replacement part, only your basic hand tools are essential to get this job finished.

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