Don't know why traveling on wet roads is tough and high-risk? The lousy or lack of friction on the highway makes all the tires slide, eliminating your ability to efficiently stop, slow down, and maneuver your Mini . The anti-lock braking mechanism can pretty much maximize the auto tires' grip. Driving on a moist road won't be a problem if the car possesses improved braking power and control-a thing which you could have by employing the ABS. But to be certain that the ABS can consistently operate well, it needs essential data provided by an electric part called the Mini speed sensor.

Similar to how the tachometer works, the Mini speed sensor measures the speed on your automobile's tires prior to transmitting some crucial readings to the system. The ABS is able to predict whenever a wheel is going to freeze. Halting or slowing down your Mini is uncomplicated by using an ABS. By customizing it to OEM requirements, an aftermarket product can directly swap any depleted, factory-installed unit. Mounting a top-grade substitute is a straightforward undertaking that can be done minus the assistance of a skilled technician.

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