Want to know the main reason why it's unsafe to drive a car on top of icy roads? Absence of friction inhibits your Hyundai Sonata's braking systems from performing their task. The ABS can pretty much boost the tires' traction. The ABS also gives enhanced handling and augments the stopping power of a rig. But to be certain that the anti-lock braking mechanism can continuously function well, it demands vital readings given by an electronic component called the Hyundai Sonata speed sensor.

Simply put, the speed sensor in your Hyundai Sonata is a component that functions just like a tachometer; it measures the speed among the automobile's auto tires and afterwards delivers the figures towards the main system. Well before the wheel gets jammed, the anti-lock braking mechanism already delivers the essential solution. Braking or slowing down your Hyundai Sonata is simple and easy by using the ABS. You can do away with costly automobile alterations by acquiring an aftermarket device that's designed to OEM requirements. With regards to mounting a first-class replacement unit, only your convenient hand tools are required to have the job accomplished.

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