Have any clue what can disturb your driving on wet, slippery tracks? Lack of footing keeps your Eagle 's braking systems from performing their function. The ABS is actually a sure-fire system that prevents the auto tires from cascading. Apart from providing your rig better stopping power, the ABS also gives you more control while cruising over a slippery street. Assuming that the Eagle speed sensor functions, rest assured that the anti-lock braking mechanism won't neglect to keep you protected while travelling.

The Eagle speed sensor's duty is simple; it video display units the pace on your vehicle's wheels and transmits the obtained data in quick succession. The convenient ABS stops the auto tires from getting jammed. Halting or slowing down your Eagle becomes painless by utilizing an efficient anti-lock braking mechanism. You may eliminate costly car changes by getting an automotive part that's made to OEM requirements. When it comes to installing an OE substitute component, only your simple hand tools are needed to get this work finished.

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