Want to find out the main reason why it's unsafe to drive an automobile over icy roads? Lack of grip inhibits your Dodge Grand Caravan's braking components from doing their function. The anti-lock braking system is known as a sure-fire solution that keeps the wheels from slipping. Aside from providing your car better stopping power, the ABS also allows you more control while driving on a slippery road. But in order to ensure that the anti-lock braking mechanism can consistently perform well, it demands vital readings provided by an electric part identified as the Dodge Grand Caravan speed sensor.

Just like how the tachometer operates, the Dodge Grand Caravan speed sensor measures the velocity on your vehicle's tires and then transmitting some crucial information towards the system. An anti-lock braking mechanism prevents the wheels from getting jammed. Stopping or slowing down your Dodge Grand Caravan is simple and easy by using an efficient ABS. You may eliminate expensive vehicle modifications by getting an aftermarket component that's made to OEM specifications. Mounting a direct replacement unit is a straightforward undertaking that can be accomplished minus the guidance of a skilled auto mechanic.

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