Have any hint exactly what can trouble your driving on soaked, slippery roadways? The four tires of your Dodge slip in cases where there's no traction, which minimizes the effectiveness of your braking mechanism. The anti-lock braking system is actually a tried and tested system that prevents the tires from slipping. Apart from providing your rig better stopping power, the ABS also gives you top-notch handling while traveling onto a slick road. But if you want to ensure that the ABS can continuously operate well, it needs essential information provided by an automated device called the Dodge speed sensor.

In simple terms, the speed sensor in your Dodge is a component that operates just like a tachometer; it gauges the speed among the car's tires and then transmits the figures into the main system. Well before the auto tire locks up, the ABS already delivers the necessary fix. By employing a new anti-lock braking system to your Dodge , it's easier to execute the appropriate tweaks in the auto tires, making halting or slowing down more stress-free. By customizing it to OEM specifications, an automotive component can immediately swap a depleted, stock unit. When it comes to mounting an OE substitute component, only your simple hand tools are needed to have the work done.

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