Car Speed Sensors

How fast can your car turn from a powerhouse into a problem machine when its Speed Sensor fails? Pretty quick. As you may know, the sensor is responsible for a host of functions in your car, from precision braking to cruise control, proper ignition timing to windshield wiper speed. Because of this, it's an understatement to say that you'll be having a terrible day the day the sensor gives way. You can't save the sensor when it's already gone haywire, so prepare to install a new one soon.

As the term implies, the Speed Sensor measures how fast your car is travelling. It may be found in different locations depending on the vehicle, but in many models, it's positioned at the back of the differential. As mentioned, the sensor is crucial to the proper operation of various systems in your vehicle, so when it fails, related systems fail as well. For instance, your odometer or speedometer will likely stop working if your sensor goes bad. Since the sensor also regulates ignition timing and fuel flow, your horsepower will plummet. Your ride may also rumble abnormally and you'll encounter a lot of problems when shifting gears.

The Car Speed Sensor even plays a major role in your road safety. In many vehicles, the sensor is part of the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) that makes braking more precise. Through the signals sent by the sensor, the ABS is able to prevent the wheels from locking up and improve the vehicle's braking distance. This system is very important as the detection of minute speed variations actually reduces your risk of fishtailing on the highway. Another benefit of the sensor working with the ABS is that your tires last much longer as they don't skid as much because of precision braking.

For all of the reasons mentioned, you just can't risk driving with a faulty Speed Sensor. After all, your ride comfort-even your life, to some extent-is on the line. Fortunately, there are many aftermarket sensors today that you can use to replace your broken one with. These aftermarket sensors are just as durable as their OE counterparts as they're manufactured from premium materials. You have nothing to worry about their operation as they're repeatedly tested for flawless performance. But the real great advantage of going aftermarket is the savings. Aftermarket sensors cost much less than OE parts, so they're ideal if you don't want to spend so much money for the replacement job.

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