Unless your Mazda engine ignition system is properly designed and maintained, there is a good chance that you are losing out on power and wasting fuel. Since all gasoline engines depend on a spark to start the combustion cycle, a spark that is not of the proper intensity will prevent your engine from realizing its peak power and efficiency.

Mazda spark plug wires are one of the most essential pieces of your Mazda's ignition system. You can have the best ignition control available but if the spark plug wires are not up to snuff all the energy will just be wasted. Take note that the Mazda spark plug wires must be able to handle extreme heat, abrasion and even getting whipped around from racing speed. Additionally, the connections and crimps must be secured and live up to being pulled off in the pits during tune up sessions.

Your Mazda engine can misfire occasionally, but if the spark plug wires are worn or the ignition system can't deliver enough voltage for reliable ignition, misfires may cause hard starting, increased fuel consumption, elevated hydrocarbon emissions and rough running. One way to prevent misfires is to make sure the engine has a good set of spark plugs. They can either be standard plugs, long-life plugs or performance plugs. As long as they produce a hot, reliable spark, ignition misfire should not be an issue.

Spark plug wires need to be replaced periodically because of wear and tear. Every time a parks plug wire ignites, a microscopic amount of metal is lost from the electrodes. As the miles add up, the electrode gap grows wider and wider increasing the voltage required to create a spark. Eventually the point is reached where the ignition system can no longer provide enough volts to fire the plug resulting in a misfire. Changing spark plug wires is easy and simple. It usually requires no tools. Each spark plug wire is connected to a spark plug and brings the electrical spark to the spark plug in order to ignite the fuel inside the engine's cylinders. Hence, a damaged spark plug wire can make your car run rough and affect gas mileage.

Wires that are cracked, damaged, and loose or exceed resistance specifications must be replaced to assure a hot, reliable spark. You can check out Parts Train for your reliable Mazda spark plug wires. We know that a good, hot and reliable ignition is essential for a satisfying ride that is why we carry quality Mazda spark plug wires that can provide you the ignition that you want. Shop with us now and see how a new spark plug wire can make a difference.