The spark plug of your Kia Sorento is a vital component in the ignition system. It is on this little thing that the electric spark needed to start the engine is ignited. Located on the cylinder head, this plug comes with an insulated center electrode which is linked to the ignition coil through a heavily insulated wire to form a spark gap inside the cylinder. When the electrons flow from the coil, there will be a voltage difference between the side electrode and the center electrode. As the process runs, a spark will be generated thus powering the ignition system to start.

Basically, the spark plug is composed of a terminal, ribs, insulator, seals, metal case, and electrodes. A terminal is the top of the plug serving as the link to the ignition system. The ribs are the surface of the plug from the terminal to the grounded metal case. It enhances the electrical insulation as well as prevents the electrical energy from leaking through the insulator. The insulator on its part is the aluminum oxide ceramic that extends from the metal case into the combustion chamber designed to resist high heat and voltage. The seals, on the other hand, are the ones responsible for ensuring that no leaks from combustion chamber will happen while the electrodes are designed to house the development of voltage difference when the electrons flow from the coil.

In order to work for the ignition system, the spark plug needs also the services of certain auto components such as the spark plug wires. These wires serve as link of the plug to the distributor rerouting of thousands of bolts. Since it holds great load of electricity, the wires bear enormous heat yet they are pretty durable and won't wear out fast. There is one thing, however, that may cause problem and that is insulation breakage. Once the insulation is cracked, the spark that is supposed to be delivered smoothly jumps off into something metal under the hood. In order to prevent such problem, you must have constant inspection on the wires.

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