The Jeep Wagoneer comes with several auto systems and one of the most important is the ignition system. It is one of the most vital systems as it holds the responsibility of starting up the vehicle. This is because the ignition is the key to start the operation of the vehicle. Just like the other systems, it comes with different components that work hand in hand. One vital component is the spark plug. It is the device that is responsible for making electric spark that triggers the combustion of the compressed aerosol gasoline in the internal combustion engine which ultimately leads to the full vehicle operation. And just like other auto parts, this device needs aid from other ignition members in order to function such as the spark plug wire.

The spark plug wire of the Jeep Wagoneer is designed to link the spark plug to the distributor. It basically holds 20,000 or more volts generating from the distributor cap to the spark plug. Since it holds an immense electrical load, the wire is then subject to heat which will lead to quality degradation. Considering its vital responsibility, the wire must possess good quality features to carry such huge amount of current. The older version usually comes with a metallic wire to hold up the high voltage; but nowadays, a fiber core is used instead. With the metallic wire, electric interference with the radio and TV reception is highly observed; but with the fiber core, such meddling is lessened if not eliminated.

The Jeep Wagoneer spark plug wire is basically made from high grade materials to make sure that quality construction is attained. Using cutting edge automotive technologies in design and engineering, its features are further improved making the function and efficiency maximized. Aside from that, numerous exacting processes and tests are also applied to assure that the desired reliability, durability, and service longevity are certainly achieved.

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