Equipped with cutting edge Honda features and top of the line components, Honda Civic truly serve as one of the best models introduced by Honda in the market. With the performance, reliability, efficiency and look that it has, the Civic will get you to your destination with style. The latest Honda technology installed in the vehicle will make your driving a true pleasure. Owning such vehicle will give you great pride and joy. As its owner though, you have to extend proper care and maintenance to it. Even the smallest and simplest parts have to be kept in top shape.

Your Honda Civic spark plug wire is one of the smallest parts of your car. It plays an important role in the combustion process. It functions in igniting the fuel and air mixture to produce the power needed to keep your engine running. The spark plugs depend largely on the plug wires to transfer electrical power and convert fuel into running energy. Spark plug wires are manufactured to have a lot of resistance since they are responsible for creating thousands of volts. When the plug wires are able to sustain high voltage of power, they are able to lessen radio static that is produced by the ignition system.

Time and mileage though will eventually cause the plug wires to wear out. Stress can cause the insulation to get fragile and damaged. When the plug wires fail, the energy produced by the plug will be transferred elsewhere resulting to rough vehicle running. Immediate replacement of the plug wires is a safety matter. Neglecting such inexpensive replacement is wrong economy that could have a great impact on the overall performance of your car. Without a good set of spark plug wire you will experience incomplete combustion in the engine that could significantly affect fuel economy and gas mileage. If you want to get the best possible performance from your Honda ride, consider upgrading your spark plug wires to high quality ones.

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