First sold in the market in 1973 as a compact vehicle, the Honda Accord has now grown more elegant and luxurious allowing it to move into the midsize sedan and coupe category in 1993. Redesigned in 2003 to distinguish the sedan and the coupe, the Accord now carries enhanced exterior and interior and increased horsepower. Owning such car will definitely give you great pride and joy. With its excellent styling and performance, it surely is something you can boast off to your friends. But as an owner, you need to extend proper care and maintenance to each and every part of it. Regular maintenance is still the key to keeping your Accord performing well for miles and miles of driving application.

Every component of the Honda Accord is made from top grade materials. Prolonging its service necessitates utmost care from you. Among the often neglect part of the Accord is the simple yet significant part referred to as the spark plug wire. Functioning as the component responsible in igniting the air and fuel mixture to generate the power necessary to keep your engine running, your Honda Accord spark plug wires are undeniably important to the combustion process. As long as the engine is running the spark plug wires continue working. When your spark plug wire is damaged, ignition process is significantly affected. A new set of plug wire can enhance ignition performance, decrease emissions and increase fuel economy.

Loose terminals can often be the cause of spark plug damage. Cracks, cuts and grooves are the common signs of a damaged plug wire. As soon as you notice irregularities in your plug wires, replacing the entire set right away is a matter of safety. Neglecting this simple, inexpensive part is wrong economy that could cause you greater repair expense in the long run. Remember that fuel economy and vehicle performance relies on the spark plug wires, so ensure that your plug wires are always in top shape at all times. With premium quality spark plug wires in your car, misfires are a thing of the past.

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